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AXA SmartTraveller

Travel the world with complete peace of mind. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or for work, studying or visiting friends and family abroad, SmartTraveller has a range of options to cover you and your loved ones.

With the new AXA SmartTraveller, you only buy what you need. We are making some benefits optional to give you a choice to pick and choose those benefits that are most appropriate for your trip.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the travel period I should purchase?
A: The start date will be the day departing Singapore and the end date will be the day arriving Singapore.

Q: Can I buy the travel insurance if I forget to purchase prior to my departure?
A: No, it must be purchased prior to your trip and before you depart Singapore.

Q: What are the optional add-on?
A: Additional premium is required for these optional add-ons.
– Rental car excess
: Damage excess for rental vehicle up to S$2,000.
– Pet care
: Pet hotel late charges up to $1,500, if your scheduled return to Singapore is delayed.
– Sports equipment
: Loss or damage to your sports equipment (excl. golf and fishing equipment) up to S$3,000.
– Golf equipment
: Loss or damage to your golf equipment up to S$2,500
: Hire of replacement golf clubs up to S$500
: Hole-in-one celebratory drinks up to $500

Q: My trip itinerary is from Singapore > Malaysia > Paris > Singapore. Can I cover
for my Paris sector only? 
A: No, the cover must start from and end in Singapore.

Q: My trip itinerary is from Singapore > Bangkok > Singapore > Taiwan > Singapore. Can I purchase a single trip policy for the entire journey?
You must purchase two single trips as you depart from Singapore twice. However, if you are transiting in Singapore, then you need to only buy 1 policy.

Q: How early should I buy the travel insurance?
As the cover for some benefits start more than 30 days before the trip commences e.g. trip cancellation, you should buy your travel insurance early.

Q: What are the geographical limit?
Regional: Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, The Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam.

Global: Worldwide including Nepal and Tibet, excluding Afghanistan, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan and Syria.

Q: If I have pre-existing illness, can I still purchase travel insurance?
You can purchase the travel insurance. However, we will not pay for any loss or liability directly or indirectly arising as a result of any pre-existing medical condition.

Q: Am I covered if I rent equipment from a service provider (e.g. Wi-Fi dongle)? 
A: Rented equipment is not covered.

Q: Is it compulsory for me to be referred by a GP to a specialist for my medical expenses claim?
A: Before you seek any treatment by a specialist, you must first obtain a referral from GP.

Q: What are sporting activities which are covered?
Adventure sports are covered subject to the following conditions:
– They are open to the general public without restriction;
– They are for leisure and non-competitive purpose; and
– They are organized by a licensed operator.
Please take note of the limitations for the following activities:
– Flying or hot air balloon rides for leisure;
– Hiking or trekking up to 3500 meters above sea level;
– Mountaineering that ordinarily does not require the use of specific
climbing equipment and ropes;
– Ice Sports; Snow sports within approved areas of the ski resort;
White water rafting up to grade 3;
– Scuba Diving no deeper than 30 meters under the supervision of a qualified diving instructor, or within the certified depth under Your PADI certification (or equivalent qualification) and you are diving with a buddy who holds the same or higher PADI certification (or equivalent qualification);

Not covered
a) Extreme Sports as they present a high level of inherent danger. This includes sports such as:
– big wave surfing
– cliff jumping
– horse jumping
– potholing
ultra marathons
– biathlons
– triathlons
– stunt riding.
– underwater activities requiring the use of artificial breathing apparatus;
b) Participating in sports that are played in a professional capacity or in competition involving prize money, donations, sponsorship or reward of any kind.

Q: Am I covered when I am learning scuba diving to obtain certification during my trip? 
You are covered if you dive no deeper than 30 metres and accompanied by a qualified diving instructor.


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