From corporate companies, to retail and F&B, we’ve got just the right benefits and covers for you so you can gain full coverage without spending more than you should.

What’s in a standard package?

All Risks

We will pay for your accidental loss or damage to your real (excluding building) and personal property. This also includes burglary even without forcible or violent entry.

Work Injury Compensation

We will compensate you against any work accidents or illnesses claims, relating to your responsibility as employer.

Daily Cash for Business Interruption

Business interruption from an outbreak of infectious disease or during failure of electricity supply could result in additional cost and expense to your business. We pay daily cash during the period of interruption.

Theft of Money

We compensate you against any loss or damage to your money (currency notes, cheques, credit card, and sales vouchers): In your premises or in transit. 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Public Liability

We will compensate for claims in the case of third parties’ death or injury following an accident that your business is responsible of. Third parties include walk-in customers or damages to a neighboring occupier’s property.

Worldwide Personal Accident

We will pay you or your staff a lump sum payout in the event of accidental death or permanent disability, as well as daily hospital cash in the event of hospitalisation due to accident occurring anywhere in the world.

Expand your coverage with the following options

Fidelity Guarantee

We compensate you against any financial loss arising from any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by your employees.

Business Interruption Cover

We will pay you for the loss of income on gross profit basis, due to loss or damage insured under All Risks, up to an indemnity period of 12 months.

Fire on Building

We cover you against loss of or damage to your insured building due to fire or extraneous perils, such as lightning, flood, riot, strike, etc.


Premium from $ 201.16
Office – Benefits Extension

  • Damage or loss of important documents
  • Outbreak of contagious diseases
  • Cash relief during hospitalization
  • Breakage of Fixed Plate Glass
  • Increase of money cover during bonus or festive period


Premium from $ 286.76
Retail – Benefits Extension

  • Goods while in transit
  • Increase of money cover during festive period
  • Increase of stock cover during festive period
  • Breakage of Fixed Plate Glass
  • Cash relief during hospitalization


Premium from $ 404.46
F&B – Benefits Extension

  • Food spoilage due to breakdown of refrigerator machinery
  • Increase of money cover during festive period
  • Increase of stock cover during festive period
  • Food and Drink liability

Personal Services

Premium from $ 286.76
Personal Services – Benefits Extension

  • Treatment Risk Liability
  • Loss of client’s personal effect
  • Outbreak of contagious diseases
  • Increase in money cover during festive period
  • Breakage of fixed plate glass

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