Medical insurance plan protects you and your family against the financial impact of costly medical expenses. Gives you access to the best possible medical care whether you are living in Singapore or abroad. We provide options from three providers for your consideration.


Partnered exclusively with Safe Meridian to bring the Globalis International Health Insurance Plans to Singapore.

Globalis provides an incomparable level of coverage flexibility, allowing you to customize a plan to suit your individual requirements. This flexibility is offered through an array of eight plan design options, allowing you
to create a tailored, cost-effective, and sustainable solution, at a premium that suits any budget.


Get comprehensive medical care anywhere in the world.

Ensure that you and your family have access to quality medical care, no matter where life takes you. PROHealth offers comprehensive health insurance with worldwide coverage that includes hospitalisation, outpatient treatment, maternity coverage and dental treatment. Easily access your claims and coverage online through a secure members only portal and dedicated mobile app.

International Exclusive

An expatriate insurance plan that gives you access to the best possible medical care whether you live within Asia or are travelling abroad.

• Pre-existing & Congenital Condition Coverage after 270 days of consecutive membership
• Direct Settlement with our hospital for cashless hospital admission upon approval
• Cover non pre-existing chronic conditions and treatments for complications arising from chronic conditions

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Generally means the country in which you normally resides for a period of no less than six months in a Period of 12 months
The country of your citizenship and from which a passport has been issued.