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You have invested a lot of time and effort into perfecting your golf game, so don’t let common hazards keep you from the greens. Golfer’s Insurance covers you worldwide against inconveniences such as damaged clubs, accidental injuries and club subscription fees if you are out of action.

What is covered

  • Personal accidents suffered whilst playing or practising at any course or driving range in the world.
  • Medical expenses for injuries incurred during play or practice.
  • Personal liability coverage for payments made to third parties as a result of accidental personal injury or property damage whist you are playing.
  • Loss or damage to your golf equipment and personal effects.
  • Breakage of clubs while playing or practising.
  • Reimbursement for hospitality, food, and beverage expenses within 30 days after a certified hole-in-one.
  • Hire of replacement golf equipment.
  • Reimbursement for club membership fees if you are unable to play due to accident or injury.
Benefit Coverage (max. limit)
24-hour personal accident cover S$50,000
Medical expenses from golf accidents S$1,000
Public liability protection S$500,000
Loss or damage to golf equipment or personal effects
(For personal effects, the maximum claim is S$300)
Breakage of clubs S$500 (excess of S$50 applies)
Hole-in-one hospitality S$1,000
Golfing equipment hire S$100
Club subscription fees S$500

What is covered

Identity Fraud means the unauthorized or illegal use by anyone of Your Identity Document and/or Identity Information with fraudulent, dishonest or criminal intent.

  • covers You worldwide except for Legal Fee which must be incurred in Singapore.
  • Monetary Loss as a result of Identity Fraud or Fraudulent Use of Payment Card; and
  • Loss of Wages, Legal Fee incurred in Singapore
Benefit Coverage (max. limit)
Loss of wages, legal fees S$10,000 (excess of S$200 applies)
Monetary loss S$5,000 (excess of S$200 applies)

What is covered

  • Loss of or damage to Personal Effects as a result of Theft
  • Cost of replacement of stolen locks and keys to Your Residence
  • Medical Expenses as a result of bodily injury sustained due to Theft
Benefit Coverage (max. limit)
Medical reimbursement S$1,000
Personal effects S$2,000 (excess of S$200 applies)
Replacement of locks and keys S$500

Personal effects means any of Your personal belongings including Your Identity Document which was physically carried or worn by You at the time of loss or damage, but excluding ” Contents, locks and keys to Your Residence, Monies, bank notes, cheques, securities for money or its equivalent

What is covered

  • Loss of Monies as a result of ATM Assault.
  • Medical Expenses incurred as a result of bodily injury sustained due to ATM Assault

ATM Assault means the criminal act of Theft and stealing of Your Monies occurring within the period 1 hour from the time You withdraw the Monies from an automatic teller machines (ATM).

Benefit Coverage (max. limit)
Medical reimbursement S$1,000
Monetary loss S$1,000 (excess of S$200 applies)

What is covered

  • Your Bag and/or Wallet is lost or damaged as a result of Theft
  • Replacement cost for the stolen Bag and Wallet, as well as such Identity Document and Payment Cards

Bag or Wallet means Your bag or wallet which was physically carried or worn by You at the time of loss or damage

Benefit Coverage (max. limit)
Bag Option : up to $5,000 (excess of S$100 applies)
Wallet Option : up to $5,000 (excess of S$100 applies)

What is covered

  • Cost of replacing the stolen keys to Your primary Residence and/or your private Motor Vehicle
Benefit Coverage (max. limit)
Keys $100

Whether you use your bicycle for transportation or recreation, having it stolen or damaged can be a hassle. For a small annual premium, AIG’s Bicycle Guard takes care of the financial loss. We’ll cover your bicycle repair or replacement costs for up to S$2,000.

What is covered

We will help cover the cost of repairing or replacing your bicycle, if it is:

  • Lost due to theft (if your bicycle is locked outside of your residence) or burglary (if your bicycle was left inside your residence); or
  • Accidentally damaged.

We may cover the cost of repair, reinstatement or replacement, or offer a cash settlement.

Bicycle means any human powered cycle, including tricycles and tandems, and any permanently affixed accessories.

Benefit Coverage (max. limit)
Bicycle Option: Up to $2,000 (excess of S$200 applies)

What is covered

Loss of or damage to Personal Electronic Equipment as a result of the following

  • Theft while Your Personal Electronic Equipment was carried or worn by You outside of Your Residence;
  • Burglary while Your Personal Electronic Equipment was left inside of Your Residence; or
  • Accidental Damage

We may cover the cost of repairing, reinstating, replacing or offering a cash settlement

Personal Electronic Equipment means laptops, computers, tablets, mobile phones, video cameras, camcorders, digital cameras, portable screen items such as portable video players, portable media players, portable televisions and portable DVD players, all of which are for personal use only. Personal Electronic Equipment does not include iPods, MP3 players or any other equipment of similar use.

Benefit Coverage (max. limit)
Personal Electronic Equipment $500 (excess of S$100 applies)

Missing a much-anticipated concert, performance or sports event is painful enough, even without the financial loss. Whilst we can’t replace the experience of being at the event, AIG’s Ticket Guard will cover the cost of your event ticket, anywhere in the world, for up to S$200.

What is covered

We will cover the cost of the ticket you bought to attend an event anywhere in the world, if you are unable to attend as a result of:

  • Being served with a court order or subpoena.
  • Death, serious injury or serious illness of a relative.
  • Vehicle breakdown while en route to the event.
  • Serious damage to your home from a house fire, burglary, or natural catastrophe.
  • Natural catastrophe.
  • Unexpected travel due to a business trip required by your employer.

We will pay the lower of the face value of the ticket, or the actual amount you paid for the ticket as indicated on the receipt.

Benefit Coverage (max. limit)
Ticket Guard $200

It’s frustrating to lose a new purchase before you even had a chance to enjoy it. For a small annual premium, we will insure your newly purchased items against loss or damage. This plan includes worldwide coverage, so your purchases are protected even on overseas trips.

What is covered

We will cover the cost of newly purchased items, anywhere in the world, if they are damaged or lost within 30 days of purchase due to:

  • Theft, while you are carrying or wearing them.
  • Burglary, if your items were stolen from inside your residence.
  • Accidental damage
Benefit Coverage (max. limit)
Purchase protection $500 (excess of S$100 applies)
  • Family means the policyholder and any member of the family ordinarily residing in the same Residence
  • Accidental Damage/Accidentally Damaged means the subject of coverage being no longer able to perform its intended function due to an Accident.
  • Excess means the amount which You must pay for every claim.

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