Choosing a home insurance can be an overwhelming experience. So we make it simple and focus on the essentials.

Below are the top 5 considerations in picking up the right cover for yourself

Fire and Extraneous Perils, or All-Risk cover
Fire and Extraneous Perils covers specific causes. Examples:
• Fire, lightning or explosion
• Bursting or overflowing of domestic water tanks or pipes
• Theft by forcible and violent entry

All-Risk will provide a wider scope. Covering accidental damage, unless excluded. Common exclusions are wear and tear, causes by vermin and etc.

Liability – For owner occupied, tenant and landlord
Protect you and your family against liability caused to third parties.
• Personal Legal Liability due to accidental bodily injury or death or accidental damage to their property
• Tenant’s Liability toward landlord due to loss of or damage to the Building, Fixtures, Fittings and Renovations, and Contents

Alternative Accommodation
Crashing in with your best pal and relatives may not seems to be the best idea. A home insurance can cover the cost of a temporary accommodation for you and your family.

Building, Renovation, Contents and Valuables
Dedicated sum-insured is provided for each of the categories with limit imposed on per item. If you have high-valued watches, bags and collectibles, you may want to declare and have them insured on named-basis.

First-Loss and Average Clause
A First-Loss policy will cover up to the sum-insured, while an Average Clause policy will make deduction on the claim payout if the purchased sum-insured is inadequate to cover the actual value of your property. Regardless, always have adequate sum-insured on a New-for-Old basis.

For Home Owner and Landlord

Building – You need to be aware of the various risks and ensure that your building structures are sufficiently covered.

Fixtures, Fittings & Renovation – Having spent good money on home improvements, renovations and additional fixtures and fittings. Safeguard the elements which you have spent on and protect the things that add a personal touch to your home.

Contents – If you own a HDB flat, the compulsory Fire Insurance that you have does not cover the valuables in your home. You’ll need home insurance to protect the contents (like your furniture and electrical appliances) belonging to you and your family.

For Landlord

Property Owner’s Liability – Now that you’re renting out your unit, you could be legally liable for any accidental mishap or death of your tenant caused by a defect in the building. Protect yourself against such risks and get covered for any legal costs you may face.

Loss of Rent – If you’re renting out your place and it becomes uninhabitable due to damage, you will be covered for the loss of rent which would have been otherwise payable to you, while the property is being reinstated.

For Tenant

Fixtures, Fittings & Renovation – As a tenant, if you’ve spent money making home improvements and renovations to your rented property, ensure that the additional fixtures and fittings (like your built-in wardrobe) are covered for any loss or damage.

Contents – Your landlord’s home insurance does not protect your valuables as the tenant. By covering contents belonging to you, you can seek reimbursement for any loss or damage.

Tenant’s Liability – Just in case you are legally liable for accidentally damaging your landlord’s property, fixtures and fittings, or household contents, you can rest assured that the legal costs will be taken care of.

Our popular choice – QBE Home Prestige

Comprehensive coverage for your home
Loss/Damage to Home Contents, automatic first loss coverage, up to S$200,000
• Loss/Damage to fixtures, fittings and renovations, up to S$100,000. With option to increase coverage to cover building.
Loss of rental, for owners: 25% of sum insured, up to 30 days
Temporary accommodation, for occupier: up to 25% of sum insured, up to 6 months
• Personal Accident coverage, S$50,000 in the aggregate
Liability to others, S$5,000,000 in the aggregate
• Option to purchase Personal Effects coverage and domestic Workers’ Compensation

Premium (inclusive of GST)

Public housing – $107
Studio Apartment, 2-Room Flat, 3-Room Flat, 4-Room Flat, 5-Room Flat, 3Gen Flat, Executive Flat, DBSS Flat

Private (excluding Landed Property) – $160.50
HUDC Flats, Executive Condominiums, Condominiums, Apartments, Walk Ups

Private (Landed Property) – $256.80
Conservation Houses, Shop Houses, Terrace Houses, Town Houses, Cluster Houses, Semi-Detached Houses, Detached Houses, Good Class Bungalows

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Fire & Insured Perils – AXA SmartHome

Protects your building, fixtures and/or contents for any of these specified risks:

• Fire, lightning or explosion
• Impact by any land vehicles which you or your family do not own or control
• Bursting or overflowing of domestic water tanks or pipes within your building
• Theft by forcible and violent entry
• Windstorm and flood
• Malicious act of any person other than you and your family

Common Exclusions

× failure to take due care and precaution to safeguard your belongings
× Any loss or damage whilst your building is undergoing construction, renovation or repair
× Wear and tear, gradual deterioration, rot, fungus, atmospheric conditions and vermin
× Defective design, faulty workmanship or manufacturing faults
× If HDB town council or management corporation strata title (MCST) is responsible for replacing or repairing the damage
× Illegal or wilful acts or failure to act by you, your family or anyone legally allowed in the Building

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AXA SmartHome

Terms and Conditions apply.

Tailored worldwide protection for fine homes and valuables

AIG’s Premier Client Solutions (PCS) protects your prized items. Much more than a roof over your head, your home is your personal sanctuary. As your wealth grows, you may find that your home and valuables require more protection than the off-the-shelf insurance protection that is typically available in the market.

At AIG, we have a team of PCS specialists to support your home insurance needs by tailoring coverages for your fine homes and the valuables you own, such as jewellery, watches, handbags, art and wine collections.

Key benefits

Bespoke worldwide coverage We know there is never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to protecting your home and your valuables. Our PCS specialists will work with you to tailor a coverage which suits your needs.
All risk coverage Enjoy broader coverage and protection against any physical loss or damage to your home, contents and valuables (specific exclusions apply in some instances).
New-for-old cover You will not be disadvantaged by depreciation to your personal property if you make a claim in the event it is damaged, lost or broken.
Distinctive coverage for your valuables We help you protect the valuables that are close to your heart, with worldwide coverage for loss or damage, so you don’t have to worry when you are away from your home.
Expert claims handling Your claim will be handled by our PCS claims specialists who understand fine homes and luxury assets, providing superior assistance and support with minimal disruption to your lifestyle.
24/7 Premier Hotline If the unexpected happens, rest assured that assistance is always at hand through a dedicated hotline for our PCS clients.
Multiple payment options For greater financial flexibility, you can choose to pay your premium by cheque, credit card or monthly interest- free credit card installments from selected bank partners.

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Cover your Home Contents, Jewellery and Fine Arts.

Premium starts from $880

Looking for Rental Protection only?

We will cover for loss of rent payable to You by a Tenant in the event that the Building which You have tenanted out is uninhabitable as a result of:

• fire, lightning and thunderbolt, explosion, aircraft or other aerial devices or articles dropped from the sky;
• impact with the Building by any road vehicle;
• bursting or overflowing of water tanks, water apparatus or water pipes;
• Theft or attempted Theft;
• Natural Catastrophe;
• malicious damage; or
• accidental breakage of fixed glass

What we do not cover :

We will not cover loss of rent:
• on Buildings which are not legally owned by You;
• on Buildings which belong to others under Your care, custody or control;
• which You can claim from other source(s); or
• due to Your Tenant’s default in rent payment.

We will not cover loss of rent when the Building is uninhabitable as a result of:
• electrical or mechanical breakdown;
• depreciation by wear and tear, the process of cleaning, dyeing, repairing or restoring, the action of light or atmospheric conditions, moth, insects, vermin or any other gradually operating cause; or
• bursting or overflowing of flexible water hose.

For $5,000 coverage and
at an annual premium of $16.05

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