FAQs – Work Injury

Top 10 FAQs - Work Injury

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1. Must I cover all employees?

Work Injury is compulsory for most categories, regardless of whether it is full-time or part-time employee and nationality.

Monthly (basic pay) Compulsory Not Compulsory
Earning up to $2,600 All employees N.A.
Earning above $2,600 All manual employees Sedentary administrative indoor employees 

2. What constitutes Earning to determine who is compulsory?

Basic pay, excluding any overtime payment, bonus payment, annual wage supplement, productivity incentive payment, commission and any allowance.

3. Do I need to cover local (S’porean and SPR) employees?

Yes. Work injury is for all employees regardless of age, nationality and work pass.

4. What happens when a “non-compulsory” employee is injured at work without insurance?

Employers will still be required to pay compensation in the event of a valid claim.

5. Who is considered an employee?

Employee means an individual who has entered into or works under a contract of service with an employer, regardless of whether it is full time or part time and nationality.

6. What job scope is considered Manual employee?

All non-sedentary administrative indoor employees are considered manual employees.

7. How do I declare employees’ information to the Insurer?

You will need to declare, for example:


Category No. of employees Job Category Estimated Annual Earning
All manual employees regardless of salary amount 1 Document despatch 24,000
2 Operation executives 72,000
All non-manual employees with monthly basis salary up to $2,600 3 Customer service 90,000
1 Account executives 31,200


Category No. of employees Job Category Estimated Annual Earning
All sedentary non manual employees with monthly basic salary above $2,600 01 General manager 72,000
04 Executive 180,000

8. What constitutes Estimated Annual Earning?

Estimated annual earnings must not be less than the last 12 months paid annual wages.

The estimated annual earning must consist of the normal wages, food, and housing allowances, overtime payments, bonuses, commission, and AWS but excluding travelling allowances and employers' CPF contributions.

9. What if my employee headcount and wages change every month?

The declared estimated headcount and estimated wages at the start of the policy should coincide with the CPF contribution and FW levy statements for the month the policy is renewed.

10. What is covered in the Work Injury Compensation Act?

Covered for the following types of compensation benefits:

  • Medical leave wages for the working days issued with medical leave, due to the work injury or disease.
  • Medical expenses; including your hospital bills, medication and other covered items due to the work injury.
  • Lump sum compensation for permanent incapacity or death.

More information is available at : https://www.mom.gov.sg/workplace-safety-and-health/work-injury-compensation

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