A comprehensive construction package providing all risks, third party liability and work injury compensation. This packaged policy is designed to cover construction activities at the project site

All Risks
• Physical loss or accidental damage to the works requiring repair or reinstatement not specifically excluded
• Customise your coverage based on your project needs

Third Party Liability
• Up to S$5m coverage for damages, loss or injuries that may be inflicted upon another party as a result of the
actions of your construction works
• Damage to property of a Third Party by vibration, removal or weakening of support

Work Injury Compensation
• Provide compensation to your workers and their dependents for personal injury/death by accident arising out of and during the course of employment at the project site. The liability may rise out of the Work Injury Compensation legislation.

• Covers all managers, engineers, supervisors, workers at the worksite

• Claims on medical leave wages, medical expenses up to S$50,000 lump-sum compensation for permanent incapacity or death

Range of coverage offered
Professional Fees : Between 5% and 25%
Removal of Debris : Between 5% and 25%
Principal’s Existing Property : Up to S$1 Million
Workmen Injury Compensation – Wages : Minimum 20%
Third Party Liability : S$1 or S$3 or S$5 Million

Professional Fees : This is to cover professional fees for services (but not for the purpose of preparing claims or disputing policy liability) by architects, engineers and surveyors reasonably and necessarily incurred by the insured to restore insured property subject to property damage.

Removal of Debris : This is to cover reasonable cost and expense necessarily incurred to support, dismantle demolish or remove debris of insured property subject to property damage and to provide site hoardings or barriers therefore necessary for public safety.

Principal's Existing Property : This is to cover the Principal's existing property or property belonging to the or held in care, custody or control by the Insured(s).

Build Your Own Plan
Flexibility to choose your coverage for Third Party Liability limit
Enjoy the benefit of the Contractor All Risks Policy and Workman Injury Compensation Insurance Policy under one combined Policy

Trades of Activities Suitable for this Package
• Renovation works
• Rehabilitation or reinstatement works
• Addition and Alteration works
• Exhibition or staging works
• Construction of Single House without basement
• Pavement work
• Small Contract works
• Small upgrading work from town council and/or HDB

Excluded Trades or Activities
X Works with contract value of more than S$ 2.5 million
X Works with contract period of more than 12 months / maintenance period of more than 12 months
X Hydraulic engineering, under water works, or wet risk
X Civil works such as tunneling, earthworks, road and bridge construction, etc
X All piling or structural demolition works, either stand alone or form part of the contract works
Pure scaffolding erection works
Excavation works of more than 1.5 metres in depth
External works exceeding 10 metres in height
Contract works that require to work in or near: power plant, boilers, clean room, transform-ers, mills, cement plants, steel/metal plant, waste recovery/ recycling plant, chemical and/or petrochemical plants

Period of Insurance
Maximum construction period up to 12 months and extended maintenance period up to 12 months

Premium rates is dependent on both contract work value and limit of Third Party Liability.
• Third Party Liability of S$1 million - minimum premium $400 + GST
• Third Party Liability of S$3 million - minimum premium $500 + GST
• Third Party Liability of S$5 million - minimum premium $700 + GST

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• Documents stipulating the insurance requirements
• A detailed breakdown on the work order with the contract work value
• The construction period and maintenance period