Our popular choice : AIG Sapphire Enhanced
An umbrella protection against any personal accidents.

Basic Benefits

Accident Medical Reimbursement
Medical costs can burn a huge hole in anyone’s pockets. With this plan, you can now be reimbursed on all your hospitalization fees and outpatient treatment

Weekly Benefit For Temporary Total Disablement
Loss of income while you are not working due to an accident can cause severe financial difficulty. We will pay a weekly income to replace and mitigate your financial loss

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Reimburse for treatment by Traditional Chinese Medicine or Complementary Medicine Practitioner due to accident

Mobility Aid and Ambulance Services Reimbursement
Reimburse for cost of ambulance services & purchase of mobility aid equipment (e.g. wheelchair, crutches, etc)

Free coverage for unlimited number of children
• Children enjoy free coverage of up to 20% of most benefits on condition that both parents are insured under a single same policy at inception • This cover is extended to single parent, widow, widower, divorced for additional premium of 50%

Upsize for Comprehensive Benefits

Daily Hospital Income
With the added comfort of a daily income for each day of hospitalization due to an accident, you can have better peace of mind for a faster recovery.

Emergency Medical Evacuation
In an emergency situation, our well renowned emergency services team can provide prompt and speedy assistance wherever you are in the world.

Lifestyle Maintenance
An invaluable additional monthly income paid to your family to help them maintain their current lifestyle in the event of accidental death.

Compassionate Allowance
A one-time lump sum payment upon accidental death to alleviate and cope with immediate financial strains.

FREE Cover for Child Support Fund
Pays a lump sum to the insured person’s spouse or children’s legal guardian upon the accidental death of the insured.

Special Extensions
• Includes coverage for Animal & Insect Bites – including Dengue Fever

• Includes coverage for Food Poisoning

• Motorcycle and road accidents

• Accidents during reservist training

Special highlights
• 24 hours worldwide coverage

• No medical examination required

• No questionnaire to fill up

• No claim bonus – Sum Assured for Accidental Death & Permanent Disability will increase by 5% in subsequent policy year if there are no claims made.

Annual Premium (Inclusive of GST) :
– Occupation Class 1 & 2 : Starts from $135
– Occupation Class 3 : Starts from $270
Monthly GIRO / Credit card payment available

Some of the  excluded occupations are construction workers, oil riggers, ship crew and air crew. Please refer to the types of occupations for examples.

Application available over WhatsApp and email