Eligibility of Cover

Valid Singapore identification document
You have a NRIC, Employment Pass, Work Permit, Long Term Visit Pass, Dependent Pass or Student Pass.

For Adult Cover
At least 18 years old.

For Child Cover (benefit limits under “Child Cover” will apply)
Unmarried, unemployed; and
Below 18 years old, or up to 25 years old if studying full-time in a recognized institution of higher learning

Annual Multi-Trip Plan:
You and the other Adult Family Member can travel separately. However, the Children who travel must always be accompanied by either one of the Adults insured under this Policy.
The maximum duration per trip is 92 days.

For this Policy to be effective:
You must purchase the Policy in Singapore before You leave Singapore
• The period of Insurance must be from the date departing Singapore to the date arriving Singapore

Some of the Exclusions

X Behavioural Exclusions
Any wilful or illegal act; Suicide or intentional self-injury; Any behaviour under the influence of alcohol or unprescribed drugs

X Medical Exclusions
Any pre-existing medical condition; Pregnancy-related conditions; Travelling to seek medical treatment; Any sexually transmitted diseases

X Activity Exclusions
Sports played in a professional or competitive capacity; Participating in extreme sports (such as big wave surfing, cliff jumping, ultra-marathon)

X Travel Exclusions
Travelling in, to or through Afghanistan, Cuba, Crimea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan or Syria

X Circumstantial Exclusions
Circumstances involving war, government action or nuclear risks

X Trip Cancellation Exclusions
Policy purchased less than 3 days before the commencement of the trip

Travel Region

Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, The Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam.

Worldwide including Nepal and Tibet, excluding Afghanistan, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan and Syria.

Rental Car Excess
Coverage: Up to S$2,000
• Pays up to S$2,000 for the damage excess when your rental vehicle is lost or damaged due to an accident overseas


Sports Equipment
Coverage: Up to S$3,000
• Pays up to S$3,000 when your sports equipment is lost or damaged due to theft or natural disaster


Golf Equipment
Coverage: Up to S$3,500
• Pays up to S$2,500 when your golf equipment is lost or damaged due to theft or natural disaster
• Pays up to S$500 when you incur cost to hire the replacement golf equipment
• Pays for one round of drinks up to S$500 when you achieve a hole-in-one


Pet Care
Coverage: Up to S$1,500
• Pays up to S$1,500 when your flight back to Singapore is delayed, causing you to incur additional kennel or cattery fees for your pet
When You suffer Injury or Accidental death while Overseas from participating in Adventurous Activities for leisure and non-competitive purpose, and done with a licensed operator.
‘Adventurous Activities’ refers to the following:
(a) Bungee jumping;
(b) Flying / hot air balloon rides for sightseeing;
(c) Hiking or trekking up to 3500 meters above sea level;
(d) Mountaineering that ordinarily does not require the use of specific climbing equipment and ropes;
(e) Rock climbing;
(f) Parachuting, sky-diving, hang-gliding;
(g) Ice Sports; Snow sports within approved areas of the ski resort;
(h) White water rafting up to grade 3;
(i) Scuba Diving provided:
– You are diving no deeper than 30 meters under the supervision of a qualified diving instructor; or
– You dive within the certified depth under Your PADI certification (or equivalent qualification) and You are diving with a buddy who holds the same or higher PADI certification (or equivalent qualification);
(j) Any other sporting activities that are open to the general public without restriction (other than height or general health or fitness warnings).
The exclusions listed here apply to the whole Policy. We will not pay any benefits from this Policy if the claim is caused directly or indirectly by any of these exclusions.

Please refer to policy wording for the “what is not covered” applicable to the respective section of the policy

1. Behavioural Exclusions
(a) When You commit:
i. any act which is illegal at the place where it occurred; or
ii. suicide or intentional self-injury.
(b) When You are under the influence of:
i. the medication or drugs which You consume without taking precautions, as prescribed by Your Doctor; or ii. alcohol.
(c) If You suffer from any mental or nervous disorder.

2. Medical Exclusions
(a) Any Pre-Existing Medical Condition, including congenital conditions.
(b) You travelling for the purpose of getting medical treatment.
(c) Pregnancy and all its related conditions (unless covered under Section 7 – Pregnancy Related Expenses).
(d) Any medical treatment which, in the opinion of the Doctor treating You, could have been reasonable delayed until You return to Singapore.
(e) Any cosmetic treatment except to restore function after suffering an Injury.
(f) HIV, AIDS and/or any sexually transmitted disease.

3. Activity Exclusions
When You take part in the following activities unless covered under Section 35 – Adventure Cover:
(a) Flying or other aerial activities except as a fare-paying passenger in a licensed passenger-carrying aircraft.
(b) Any sports that are played in a professional capacity or in competition involving prize money, donations, sponsorship or reward of any kind.
(c) Extreme Sports or underwater activities requiring the use of artificial breathing apparatus. Extreme Sports refers to activities that presents a high level of inherent danger (that is, involving exceptional speed and height, high level of expertise, exceptional physical exertion or highly specialised gear or stunts) such as big wave surfing, cliff jumping, horse jumping, potholing, ultra marathons, biathlons, triathlons, stunt riding, etc.
(d) Expedition to generally inaccessible and remote areas of a country or areas previously unexplored.

4. Travel Exclusions
(a) When You travel in, to or through Afghanistan, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan or Syria.
(b) When You travel to any country which the Singapore government has advised against non-essential travel due to any war or warlike event, Strike, Riot or Civil Commotion, disease outbreak or unsafe health conditions, impending natural disasters or any other events of similar nature. This exclusion does not apply if You have already started Your trip before the issuance of such travel advisory.

5. Circumstantial Exclusions
(a) War, invasion, act of foreign enemy hostilities (whether war is declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power.
(b) Action taken by any government authority including confiscation, seizure, destruction and restriction.
(c) Any nuclear reaction or contamination, ionising rays or radioactivity.

6. Professional Exclusions
Your work involving these occupations or occupational activities:
(a) Full-time military, airforce, navy, police or civil defence personnel;
(b) Air crew, motor racer, entertainer or armed security guard;
(c) Manual worker, regardless of whether machinery and tools are used. E.g. construction workers and kitchen help;
(d) Working off-shore e.g. on board sea vessel or off-shore platform, diver or fisherman;
(e) Working at heights above 30 feet, including but not limited to roofing activities on a scaffolding or a gondola;
(f) Working in hazardous places. E.g. shipyard, underground in a tunnel or a quarry;
(g) Working with explosives or hazardous substances.

We assist with your travel claim submission
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Emergency Assistance While Abroad

While overseas, if you require emergency assistance, please contact 24-hour hotline +65-63222566 in respect of the following services:

  • Locate the nearest appropriate consulate or embassy while overseas
  • Assist in retrieving your lost baggage
  • Assist in retrieving your lost passport or other travel documents
  • Telephone medical advise
  • Arrangement for hospital admission
  • Emergency evacuation/repatriation
  • Monitoring of medical condition

Emergency Medical Assistance and Evacuation / Repatriation

  • 24 hour emergency telephone service is operated for your benefit by a specifically designated assistance company
  • Please note that repatriation expenses will be covered under the policy only if arranged through the designated assistance company

    Travel Claims FAQ

    Download FAQs (PDF)

All claim must be submitted within 30 days from the date of return to Singapore

Online or paper submission is available.

AXA SmartTraveller Claim Form

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Get cover for up to $2,500 If You have to unavoidably cancel or postpone Your Overseas wedding photoshoot within 30 days prior to the commencement of the trip due to:
(a) death, Serious Injury or Serious Illness occurring to You, Your Family Member or Travel Companion;
(b) unexpected outbreak of Strike, Riot or Civil Commotion at the planned destination;
(c) witness summons that are not made known to You before the trip was booked;
(d) serious damage to Your residence in Singapore from fire or flood occurring within 1 week before Your trip, such that Your presence is required on the premises on the scheduled departure date;
(e) an Epidemic or Natural Disaster at the planned destination;
(f) any event leading to airspace or airport closure; and/or
(g) advisory from Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to defer non-essential travel to the planned destination.

We will reimburse the following expenses, up to $2,500, less any refund You receive:
(a) Your pre-paid expenses for the Overseas wedding photoshoot which becomes forfeited; and
(b) any administrative expenses incurred to postpone the wedding photoshoot.

This coverage is not part of AXA Smarttraveller Insurance

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Premium : $8 per traveller
Period of travel: up to maximum of 5 days in a Single Trip
Area of coverage: Malaysia, Bintan and Batam Islands of Indonesia

This coverage is not part of AXA Smarttraveller Insurance

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